Executive Leadership

The Institute is led by the Director with advice and input from the Executive Committee.

Ehud Isacoff (Molecular and Cell Biology)

Executive Committee
Diana Bautista (Molecular and Cell Biology/Neuroscience)
Jose Carmena (Electrical Engineering/Neuroscience)
Christopher Chang (Chemistry)
Mark D’Esposito (Psychology/Neuroscience) – Head, Brain Imaging Center
Dan Feldman (Molecular and Cell Biology/Neuroscience) – Head, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Marla Feller (Molecular and Cell Biology/Neuroscience) – Head, Division of Neurobiology
Jack Gallant (Psychology)
Thomas Griffiths, (Psychology) – Head, Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Richard Ivry (Psychology)
William Jagust (Public Health/Neuroscience)
Daniela Kaufer (Integrative Biology)
Bruno Olshausen (Optometry/Neuroscience) – Head, Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

Executive Committee Staff:
Barbara Peterson, Executive Director