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Mental, Physical Exercises Produce Distinct Brain Benefits
Center for Brain Health News | July 7th


Pew awards to three young Berkeley faculty
Berkeley News | June 9th


Mu-ming Poo awarded $500,000 Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Berkeley News | June 7th


UC Berkeley neuroscience postdoc wins early career award
Berkeley News | June 6th


What people can learn from algorithms — and algorithms can learn from people
Boston Globe | May 27th


President Obama awards National Medals to Alivisatos, Hu
Berkeley News | May 20th


Obama on science: ‘It is fun. I love this stuff’
San Francisco Chronicle | May 20th


President Obama Honors Nation’s Leading Scientists and Innovators
The White House Office of the Press Secretary | May 19th


Fox squirrels’ tell-tail signs of frustration
Berkeley News | May 10th


Walter J. Freeman III Used Mathematics to Explore the Brain
Wall Street Journal | May 6th


Genetic switch could be key to increased health and lifespan
Berkeley News | May 3rd


Rikky Muller named 2016 Medtech Boston 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators
Medtech Boston | May 2nd


Scientists map brain’s thesaurus to help decode inner thoughts
Berkeley News | April 27th


Neurophysiologist and philosopher Walter Freeman dies at 89
Berkeley News | April 27th


Paralyzed by indecision? Forget therapy. You need an algorithm
Berkeley News | April 26th


Three faculty members among 15 new Searle Scholars
Berkeley News | April 15th


Mind-control MICROSCOPE changes the behaviour of mice in an instant: Scientists make the animals do whatever they want by tweaking the brain’s ‘code’ in real time
Daily Mail | April 6th


Young Mice, Like Children, Can Grow Up Too Fast
Wall Street Journal | March 23rd


Award for and Discussion of Dr. Marian Diamond at BAMPFA, 2/27/2016
Luna Productions


Scientists tap the smarts of mice, capture problem-solving in action
Berkeley News | March 7th


How Does Your Brain Learn Through Trial and Error? Problem-solving and critical thinking can rewire the orbitofrontal cortex
Psychology Today | March 7th


Bromances may be good for men’s health
Berkeley News | March 3rd


Neurobiology: Rise of resilience
Nature Outlook | March 2nd


PET scans reveal key details of Alzheimer’s protein growth in aging brains
Berkeley News | March 2nd


Sleep Circuit:
A web of cell types in one of the brain’s chief wake centers keeps animals up—but also puts them to sleep.

The Scientist | March 1st


Brain scientist Marian Diamond subject of new documentary
Berkeley News | February 26th


Sloan Foundation honors eight young faculty members
Berkeley News | February 23rd


The Best Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep
Wall Street Journal | February 22nd


UC researchers receive Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers
UC News | February 22nd


NIH BRAIN Initiative Publication Roundup – late February 2016
NIH BRAIN Update | February 22nd


Three young faculty members honored by White House
Berkeley News | February 19th


Hillel Adesnik receives Presidential Early Career Award
HWNI News | February 18th


New Zeiss Berkeley BrainMIC course provides training in use of state-of-the-art optical neurotechniques
HWNI News | February 18th


Light-activated antagonists for the GABA A receptor family: A comprehensive toolkit to advance the study of inhibition on the cellular, circuit, and organismal level
HWNI News | February 16th


Berkeley Neuroscience PhD Program alums Emily Jacobs and Michael Goard start their own labs at UC Santa Barbara
HWNI News | February 15th


Berkeley psychologist tapped to foster a kinder Twittersphere
Berkeley News | February 12th


Peering inside the minds of Raiders fans
Berkeley News | February 10th


Yes, you can tell if your audience is bored
Berkeley News | February 1st


Deciphering the Language of the Brain
Scientific American | January 31st


Davos 2016 – What If: Your Brain Confesses? [Video]
World Economic Forum | January 23rd


Outgoing Berkeley Lab director to take research helm at UC Berkeley
Berkeley News | January 21st


Time to make a decision: Researchers have studied how brain activity changes throughout the process of choosing between different options
eLife Digest on Medium | January 15th


Will computers ever truly understand what we’re saying?
Berkeley News | January 11th




Family of light-sensitive inhibitory receptors enables precise control of neural activity
NIH BRAIN Update | December 29th


White House to honor Alivisatos, Hu with National Medals of Science, Technology
Berkeley News | December 22nd
What We Learned About Alzheimer’s in 2015
The Daily Beast | December 17th


A robot teaching itself to walk like a human toddler
CNBC | December 5th


‘Connector hubs’ are the champions of brain coordination
Berkeley News | November 24


BayBRAIN Neurotechnology Industry Day sparked conversations and collaborations
HWNI News | November 24


Graduate student profile: Christine Liu
HWNI News | November 23


To Accelerate Pace of Discovery, Neuroscientists and Funders Launch Resource Aimed at Breaking Data Barriers in Brain Research
Neurodata Without Borders Blog | November 20


To get ahead in your career, disrupt yourself first
Quartz | November 19


Neurodata Without Borders News: The common data format for neurophysiology has been released!
HWNI News | November 18


Seeking Data Wisdom
Berkeley Research | November 17


A tool to study the dynamic process of receptor activation
HWNI News | November 17


A glimpse of the future with BayBRAIN
Cognito | November 11


Rethinking the nature of signal propagation in neocortical circuits
HWNI News | October 27


#PLOS #SfN15 Recap: Hidden variables of behavior
PLOS Neuro | October 27


Asst. Prof. Ming Hsu: Bringing Brains to Marketing
Haas Now | October 26


How Does Poverty Affect the Brain?
Scientific American | October 23


Berkeley neuroscience researchers continue to advance BRAIN Initiative
HWNI News | October 19


Researchers find neural switch that turns dreams on and off
Berkeley News | October 15


Michael Yartsev announced as an Allen Institute for Brain Science 2015 Next Generation Leader
HWNI News | October 15


Ask them Anything about fMRI
PLOS Neuro | October 7


Scientists win $6.4 million to crack the code of smell navigation
Berkeley News | September 24


Suspected Non-Alzheimer Pathophysiology: It’s Not Exactly a Snap
Alzforum | September 11


Does brain training really work?
Berkeley News | September 8


The bat man is here: HWNI welcomes Michael Yartsev
HWNI News | August 25


Two alumnae recognized as top ‘Innovators Under 35′
Berkeley News | August 20


Spectroscopy, Super-Resolution Microscopy Combo Examines Cell Structures
Communications of the ACM | August 18


Pupil shape linked to animals’ place in ecological web
Berkeley News | August 7


It don’t mean a thing if the brain ain’t got that swing
Berkeley News | July 27


Catching the Brain in a Lie: Is “Mind Reading” Deception Detection Sci-Fi—or Science?
California Magazine | July 22


Can’t Believe Their Eyes: Grass Fellow Explores Puzzling Discovery of Light-Sensitive Cells in Zebrafish Tails
Marine Biological Laboratory Blog | July 15


The sleep-deprived brain can mistake friends for foes
Berkeley News | July 14


Intellectual pursuits may buffer the brain against addiction
Berkeley News | July 13


Stephan Lammel awarded Brain Research Foundation seed grant for drug addiction research
HWNI News | July 8


The Science of ‘Inside Out’
The New York Times | July 3


The future is now: Brains, machines, and everything in between
HWNI News | July 2


Christopher Chang Receives the 2015 Blavatnik Award
HWNI News | July 1


University of California professors sweep young scientist awards
San Jose Mercury News | June 30


Humans’ built-in GPS is our 3-D sense of smell
Berkeley News | June 17


Decisions in the brain
HWNI News | June 15


Neuroscience Inspires Cartoon Action in Pixar’s “Inside Out”
NBC Bay Area | June 15


Scientists Investigate What Makes Us Itch
NPR | June 12


Introducing the ZEISS Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center
HWNI News | June 11


Three campus researchers named 2015 Pew scholars
Berkeley News | June 11


Go to Sleep: It May Be the Best Way to Avoid Getting Alzheimer’s
Time | June 1


Poor sleep linked to toxic buildup of Alzheimer’s protein, memory loss
Berkeley News | June 1


Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains
Berkeley News | May 13


Seeing Through Alzheimer’s Disease
Berkeley Research News | April 29


Staying Sharp
Berkeley Science Review | April 29


Cracking the neural code: how single neurons and complex networks process perceptions
HWNI News | April 29


Brain Decoding: modern day cartographers aim to map the human brain
HWNI News | April 27


“Intelligent Design” Can It Deliver?
Berkeley Research News | April 24


Artificial Photosynthesis Advance Hailed As Major Breakthrough
Huffington Post | April 20


Video: Why robots will never make decisions like humans
World Economic Forum | March 26


Reprogramming the Brain to Health Research Symposium
UT Dallas Center for Brain Health | March 26


Turn the Light On: A Non-visual Opsin Could Help Future Studies of the Brain and Central Nervous System
LBL News Center | March 24


Bakar Fellows show off their discoveries to tech entrepreneurship world
Berkeley News | March 23


Altering brain chemistry makes us more sensitive to inequality
Berkeley News | March 19


Corey Goodman is the latest member of the HWNI community
HWNI News | March 5


Anxious people more apt to make bad decisions amid uncertainty
Berkeley News | March 2


HWNI faculty selected for Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award
HWNI News | February 26


HWNI faculty selected for Sloan research fellowship
HWNI News | February 24


Brain’s iconic seat of speech goes silent when we actually talk
Berkeley News | February 16


Catch the brainwave: Cognitive Technologies at the Exploratorium
Berkeley Science Review | February 6


Choking under pressure: overthinking or misthinking?
Berkeley Science Review | January 29


Berkeley goes to Davos
Berkeley News | January 23


Kiko Labs Debuts A Series Of “Brain-Training” Games For Kids
Tech Crunch | January 15


Blocking hormone could eliminate stress-induced infertility
Berkeley News | January 12


How songbirds may help build a better hearing aid
Berkeley News | January 5






A Standard for Neuroscience Data
LBL News Center | December 16


New therapy holds promise for restoring vision
Berkeley News | December 8


Scientists detect brain network that gives humans superior reasoning skills
Berkeley News | December 3


Copper on the Brain at Rest
LBL News Center | November 26


‘Sleepless in America’ documentary to feature Berkeley research
Berkeley News | November 24


Diana Bautista receives Young Investigator Award from neuroscience society
Berkeley News | November 18


Of rats and men: Tolman, behavior and academic freedom
Berkeley News | November 13


Why Lab Rats Don’t Observe Daylight Saving Time
NPR | November 3


Mind-reading device invented by scientists to eavesdrop on ‘inner voice’
The Telegraph | October 30


Berkeley team to transform MRI
ABC News | October 21


Snap, crackle, pop, whoosh! Four weird auditory responses you didn’t know had a name
Berkeley Science Review | October 16


New front in war on Alzheimer’s, other protein-folding diseases
Berkeley News | October 16


UCSF, UC Berkeley Scientists Join Forces in New Glenn Center for Aging Research
UCSF News | October 8


New wave of brain research aims to understanding every function
SF Gate | October 8


Why we can’t tell a Hollywood heartthrob from his stunt double
Berkeley News | October 2


Director Alivisatos Plays Key Role in White House BRAIN Conference
LBL News Center| October 1


Obama’s BRAIN Initiative translates into new round of cash for Bay Area researchers
Biotech SF | September 30


NIH awards UC Berkeley $7.2 million to advance brain initiative
Berkeley News | September 30


Three Bay Area institutions join forces to seed transformative brain research
Berkeley News | September 25


Researchers find neural compensation in people with Alzheimer’s-related protein
Berkeley News | September 14


Breaking Down the Data Barriers in Neuroscience
Kavli Foundation


Study links honesty to prefrontal region of the brain
Berkeley News | September 8


Shining light on brain circuits to study learning, memory
Berkeley News | September 5


How to Better Teach Kids Science? Just Ask Them
Discover Magazine | August 28


Institutions Announce Collaboration toward Sharing Neuroscience Data
Scientific Computing | August 8


Prominent U.S. Research Institutions Announce Collaboration Toward Sharing and Standardizing Neuroscience Data
Kavli Foundation | August 4


Giving Computers the Wisdom of People
Fabbs Foundation | July 29


How Your Chilli Addiction Could Be Helping You Live Longer
Newsweek | July 24


Insatiable Insects: Identification of four neurons that act as feeding switches in the brain
HWNI News | July 2


Berkeley Grad Wins Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation
Berkeley Graduate Division | June 20


Your genes affect your betting behavior
Berkeley News | June 16


CNEP researchers target brain circuitry to treat intractable mental disorders
Berkeley News | May 27


Pain killers may improve health of diabetics and the obese
Berkeley News | May 22


Commonly available blood-pressure drug prevents epilepsy after brain injury
Berkeley News | April 22


Neuroengineers bring science cred, Berkeley feel to ‘Transcendence’ film
Berkeley News | April 18


UC Berkeley researchers explore memory formation
The Daily Californian | April 14


Director Wally Pfister joins UC Berkeley neuroengineers to discuss the science behind ‘Transcendence’
Berkeley News | April 7


Your reality is 15 seconds in the making
Quartz | April 6


Chronic Stress Can Damage Brain Structure and Connectivity
Psychology Today | February 12


New evidence that chronic stress predisposes brain to mental illness
Berkeley News | February 11






New data science institute to help scholars harness ‘big data’
Berkeley News | November 13


Blocking nerve cells could halt symptoms of eczema
Berkeley News | October 3


Distinguished awards for two veteran psychology professors
Berkeley News | June 24


Researchers develop easy and effective therapy to restore sight
Berkeley News | June 12


UC Berkeley researchers explore search mechanism of human brains
The Daily Californian | April 23


Researchers find out why some stress is good for you
Berkeley News | April 16


Campus poised to join Obama’s BRAIN initiative
Berkeley News | April 2


Jagust Awarded Potamkin Prize for Alzheimer’s Research
LBL News Center | January 28






The Search for the Earliest Signs of Alzheimer’s
LBL News Center | May 23


Going mental: Study highlights brain’s flexibility, gives hope for natural-feeling neuroprosthetics
Berkeley News | March 4


Scientists decode brain waves to eavesdrop on what we hear
Berkeley News | January 31






Research could help people with declining sense of smell
Berkeley News | December 7


Findings offer new clues into the addicted brain
Berkeley News | October 30


Playing video games helps adults with lazy eye
Berkeley News | August 31


New neurons help us to remember fear
Berkeley News | June 14


UC Berkeley, UCSF join forces to advance frontier of brain repair
Berkeley News | March 24


Advance makes MRI scans more than seven times faster
Berkeley News | January 5






Jet lagged and forgetful? It’s no coincidence
Berkeley News | November 24


For neurons to work as a team, it helps to have a beat
Berkeley News | September 20


Alzheimer’s drug boosts perceptual learning in healthy adults
Berkeley News | September 18


Gates foundation awards $100,000 grants for novel global health research
Berkeley News | May 10






$40 million gift from Li Ka Shing Foundation boosts health science research
Berkeley News | June 23